House Rules

No Smoking, no pets
Just a reminder that smoking anywhere on the property will incur a $1000 fee.

We would be grateful if you would remind children to remove shoes and keep drinks and food away from the sofas and beds. Coasters are provided for the wood surfaces.

The Tide “pods” go directly into the drum of the washer. Please leave washer and dryer doors open when not in use to avoid mildew. Please use unscented detergent and no dryer sheets as our neighbors are highly allergic.

Deck Table and Chairs
If you see that high winds are in the forecast, please stack the deck chairs.

Please close and latch the windows every time you vacate the house as rains often pop up quickly and without warning in the mountains.

Gas Grill
Please turn off the gas both on the grill itself AND the red knob on the line to the house when you’re finished grilling.

There are two bins in the drawer under the peninsula, one for recycling and one for trash. There are two bins in the garage – the larger green one is for recycling and black one is for trash. Please rinse cans, glass and plastic as needed. Food can go in the garbage disposal. Reusable grocery bags are collected in the bottom drawer next to the fridge, and Safeway recycles sacks (we keep a “sack of sacks” on a hook in the garage.)

Handwashing Items
Please handwash chef knives, Teflon frying pans and wooden cutting board. Everything else can go in the dishwasher.

Smoke Alarms
At certain times of the year in Colorado, smoke alarms beep when excess dust or pollen gets in them. Just twist the unit to the right or left, remove the battery and use a hair dryer (cool setting) for a few seconds to blow out the dust. Replace the battery exactly as it was, and twist it back on.

Locking West Doors
To lock doors to the patio and deck, pull up on door handles, then turn the lock.

Riedel Wine Glasses
There is a set of Riedel wine glasses available to those who are up for handwashing. Let us know if you’d like to use them.

Binoculars are for your use. Let us know right away if they are lost or broken.

Evaporative Cooler is available in the master closet if gets particularly warm. Directions on the box.


Departure Checklist

Upon departure…

*Make sure gas grill knobs are off and gas line is off (red knob should be perpendicular to house)

*Put dishes in dishwasher and start

*Pull sheets from beds that were used and leave them in a pile on the bed

*Place towels in washer and start the load *Set thermostat to 55 (in cold weather)

*Return any moved furniture to its original location

*Stack deck chairs and turn table upside down if there are no guests arriving the same day (Oct to April)

*Close all windows, turn off all lights and appliances (except dishwasher & clothes washer)

*Sign the Guest Book (optional but appreciated)

*Place trash (in bags) in smaller black bin in garage; place recycling in larger bin in garage.