Neighborhood Rules

The following was prepared by our homeowners association and we are required to share it with renters.

Ratified on January 4th, 2015 by the Stonebridge COA

You have chosen to rent a home in a close-knit neighborhood, with homeowners who value the beauty and quiet of the area. Please be respectful of the neighbors who have agreed to allow you to rent in this neighborhood. The neighbors are quite watchful, and will report any violations to the police, your rental company, and the homeowner.

The minimum stay is five nights. Homeowners who rent their home for fewer than five nights at a time will be assessed a $300 fine for the first violation and a $500 fined for subsequent violations by the Stonebridge COA.

Please treat the home and the common areas of the neighborhood with respect. Loud noises will be reported to the Estes Park Police, and could result in your removal from the property and the loss of your deposit. Respect the quiet times of 9 p.m.-7 a.m. (City of Estes Park rental ordinance).

Maximum number of overnight guests permitted is 8, including children. (City of Estes Park rental ordinance)

Only three vehicles are allowed at the rental property. (City of Estes Park rental ordinance).

No smoking is allowed inside or outside of the rental house. This includes the garage area. Smoke drifts quickly onto others property. As most homes in our neighborhood have no air conditioning, your smoking outside will drift straight into neighbor’s homes. Smoking of marijuana outside anywhere in Estes Park is not allowed (City of Estes Park ordinance).

Recreational vehicles, campers, commercial trucks, trailers and motorcycles are not allowed on the rental property.

You will see a variety of wildlife on the property. Enjoy viewing the animals but please do not feed them or get too close. They are wild animals and can be dangerous.

Please keep track of your children. Do not allow them to be unattended… wildlife can be dangerous to children. Unwarranted noise (yelling and shrieking) definitely carries to neighborhood homes. Children playing is welcomed; however, children screaming constantly is not! Teach your children to respect nature and others’ need for peace and quiet.

Renters who violate these rules will be reported to homeowners, rental companies and possibly the police. Loss of deposit and ejection from the property is likely.