November 2014

The weather in Estes Park the weekend of the 7th was glorious and unseasonably warm but our schedules didn’t permit a visit that weekend – our plan was to go on the 13th to 16th after the arrival of the front that was anticipated to bring snow and temps in the single digits.

We packed our warm things and headed across Kansas and Colorado, turned north toward Boulder, stopped in for a few provisions (cheese and bread, mostly) at Whole Foods and headed up. The average temperature for the drive was about 6 degrees and we started seeing the snow near Denver.

I assumed we would spend most of the weekend indoors, and we did, but we also bundled up and went on a couple of hikes from the Twin Owls trailhead… stunning!  I knew Estes Park was awesome in the summer but it turns out it’s a great spot in the winter, too, and I hope we can get back again soon, in any weather.