Summer, 2014

IMG_1286We finally got our whole little family together in one place and are having a GREAT time.

Fish Creek restoration will take a long time as there are seven entities involved in decision-making and funding. However, decisions are getting made and progress is happening. It is hoped that the temporary sewer line (the bump along the creek bed) will be moved back under Fish Creek Road sometime in the next year. That will restore direct access to the creek, too. There is no estimated date yet for reconstruction of the walking path to town, which was heavily damaged.

The weather has been lovely, which has made for some nice lunches and dinners and general hanging out on the deck.

We’ve had some beautiful hikes…


And fun times inside, too. 🙂

We have often seen elk in the distance but they decided the vegetation in our back yard looked extra tasty, apparently and we were thrilled to get to see them up close!

We heard about a good fishing spot called Glacier Creek so we drove up about 5 miles toward Bear Lake from the Beaver Meadows park entrance and found it. Beautiful! And there were indeed fish in the creek…