July 23, 2016

It sounds like a long drive from Wichita, where we live, to Estes Park (8.5 hours) but these days the drive flies by listening to audiobooks and podcasts, chatting or doing a little catch-up on email or social media. It’s also nice to be sitting in one place long enough to have a conversation that can wander. We try to start early so we can arrive into Boulder for a late lunch or even make a quick stop at Rubio’s in Flatiron Crossing south of Boulder for the tasty inexpensive fish tacos and then a quick check into a couple of stores to see what’s on sale that might be useful for the house.

This time, though, Lauren and William had arrived (from Cleveland by car with Milo, the dog) and had lunch waiting so we didn’t stop. It was a beautiful, beautiful day and after a hectic few weeks at home it was particularly wonderful when we started up along the St. Vrain river toward Estes Park. The effects of the flood of September, 2013, are still very much in evidence but the river restoration is beautiful and the roads are better.

It was a much warmer day than usual, 85, so we had lunch inside then chatted and unpacked and started our list of old favorites we wanted to do and new things to try. Which hikes? Any new stores or restaurants to check out? We never got around to that miniature golf game last time… maybe this time? (Something we would never do at home). Or maybe we’d get around to that game of actual golf, which we watch from our deck every day but never seem to get out to do ourselves. Which neighbors are in town? (Some are here full-time and some have vacation homes). What home improvement projects shall we do this time? How can we make things better for the people who come to stay here?

After lunch we walked north on Fish Creek to check on progress of the road and creek restoration from the flood and the new houses in the development. We then turned back south and walked to the other end and around to access the creek behind the homes. That restoration is also coming along. This fall (2016) the rebuilding of the walking/cycling path that goes from behind our homes into town and we are very excited for that to be restored. We even were thrilled to find a fish in the creek, which used to be abundant with them before the flood. Progress!

Lauren and William took the lead on dinner prep and made a really tasty dinner. We marvel at the fact that our daughters have both developed such a love of food and cooking and we are (by far) no longer the standard they aspire to. Both have gone on to develop their own wonderful styles and have discovered flavor combinations or developed recipes from the inspirations of others or just figured out how to simply make something excellent from the ingredients at hand, many times from their own gardens. Cooking together in any home or vacation kitchens is a highlight of gathering together and we paid a lot of attention to making sure the kitchen here was outfitted well for that purpose. 🙂

We sat on the beautiful, warm deck and enjoyed the view, the food and wine and one another as darkness overtook the evening and the stars came out. A wonderful day.