October, 2015

Our kids took their kids out for a few days in late October and thoroughly enjoyed themselves inside and out.

Hike at Gem Lake and a walk near the house (new bike lanes have been created!):

Enjoying “indoor time,” including the new chairs that swivel in toward the couch or out toward the view:

July/August 2015 Adventures

Once again we have been taken by what a great spot this is for spending time with family and friends! In addition to our daughters, we were thrilled to be joined by a niece and her fiancé, who live in Paris. It’s a true testament to the awesomeness of Estes Park that they enjoyed themselves so much. With three generations here at the same time we used both indoor living areas (upstairs and downstairs) and the three outdoor areas (deck, lower porch and front porch) to their fullest more than usual.

The temperatures and weather allowed us to have most of our lunches and dinners on the deck. The quality of ingredients at the local Safeway are surprisingly good and we had some old favorites as well as trying some new things. Pasta and baked goods don’t do as well in the mountains but plenty of other things work just great, especially on the grill. We discovered that risotto behaves very nicely at altitude and pizza on the grill is AWESOME.

We had to refill the hummingbird feeder almost every day! It was such fun to watch those miraculous creatures. 🙂

Our hikes were mostly to old favorites (Lily Lake, Gem Lake, Lawn Lake up to where it crosses the creek) and some of the group went cycling most days. Joe brought his ukelele on their trip so we were serenaded several times at home AND on one of our hikes. 🙂 Lots of people on the trail commented that they loved it as they passed by.

We love games and we played lots of them (Word Thief, Sorry, Carcassonne, Catan, cards, Midnight Party).

The view toward Longs Peak from the deck makes a great backdrop for pics.

Construction on Fish Creek Road is proceeding! We had a great time checking on the machines and workers every day. It’s fascinating to watch those guys do what they do (and we are so grateful they are fixing Fish Creek Road!). The creek and walking/cycling path to town should be starting in the spring of 2016.