The “Home” Stretch

Get it?  The “home” stretch?  🙂

Katharine and baby Martha and I drove out recently to nail down some decisions regarding finishes that we are were having trouble getting done from Wichita.  I am so grateful for Diane at the Loveland Design Center and Missy at Earthwoods Cabinets in Loveland for the time and expertise they gave us to get things figured out.  And our builder, Dan Smith, was so kind to meet several times to provide guidance and ask questions and generally be helpful.  I am especially grateful to Katharine and Martha for coming along to help with selections!!

Mia Marletto of Estes Park Central has also created a page for the house (and named it “Stone Bridge in the Rockies”) and some brave souls have rented the house already, despite the house being unfinished! 🙂  We are still hoping to close around Memorial Day, then park there for a couple weeks to get things set up, then begin rentals the 3rd week in June.