Elk Visit

One of our favorite things about the location of our vacation home in Estes Park is the fantastic wildlife we get to see from the deck. The elk on the golf course across the creek, with the mountains in the background, is such a treat. A recent visitor caught these beautiful photos of a herd crossing the golf course.

IMG_0722 IMG_0721

November 2014

The weather in Estes Park the weekend of the 7th was glorious and unseasonably warm but our schedules didn’t permit a visit that weekend – our plan was to go on the 13th to 16th after the arrival of the front that was anticipated to bring snow and temps in the single digits.

We packed our warm things and headed across Kansas and Colorado, turned north toward Boulder, stopped in for a few provisions (cheese and bread, mostly) at Whole Foods and headed up. The average temperature for the drive was about 6 degrees and we started seeing the snow near Denver.

I assumed we would spend most of the weekend indoors, and we did, but we also bundled up and went on a couple of hikes from the Twin Owls trailhead… stunning!  I knew Estes Park was awesome in the summer but it turns out it’s a great spot in the winter, too, and I hope we can get back again soon, in any weather.

Summer, 2014

IMG_1286We finally got our whole little family together in one place and are having a GREAT time.

Fish Creek restoration will take a long time as there are seven entities involved in decision-making and funding. However, decisions are getting made and progress is happening. It is hoped that the temporary sewer line (the bump along the creek bed) will be moved back under Fish Creek Road sometime in the next year. That will restore direct access to the creek, too. There is no estimated date yet for reconstruction of the walking path to town, which was heavily damaged.

The weather has been lovely, which has made for some nice lunches and dinners and general hanging out on the deck.

We’ve had some beautiful hikes…


And fun times inside, too. 🙂

We have often seen elk in the distance but they decided the vegetation in our back yard looked extra tasty, apparently and we were thrilled to get to see them up close!

We heard about a good fishing spot called Glacier Creek so we drove up about 5 miles toward Bear Lake from the Beaver Meadows park entrance and found it. Beautiful! And there were indeed fish in the creek…

Valentine’s Day in Estes, 2014

We picked up Katharine and Martha from Valley Center, KS, nice and early on a Friday morning and drove out for a quick weekend. It was short but very sweet.

The sunrise Saturday morning was spectacular… worth the drive!

We had ordered a console table and a couple of stools and the large box one of the pieces came in was perfectly Martha-sized. Katharine took a knife to the box and little by little it became a fantastic little playhouse.

Thanksgiving, 2013

It was wonderful to celebrate Thanksgiving here this year, especially since there is so much to be thankful for in this very place. We looked things over carefully when we arrived and other than the changes to the creek and landscape behind the house, everything looks fine. We were so engaged in enjoying our time together that we didn’t get a lot of pics this time. 🙂


Making the traditional pumpkin ravioli.


A bit of work, a bit of reading.


The view north from the remains of the walking path to the south of the house.


The view from where the bike/walking path was washed away and the new creek bed.

The Flood and Our New Back Yard

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 10.11.37 AMOn September 12th, I noticed a Facebook post from our wonderful trim carpenter about nonstop rain for the previous four days and wondered what our little tiny creek behind the house was looking like as a result.  Then I received a video from our next door neighbors that showed the creek was definitely UP.  The next email we got was from another neighbor reporting that things were getting really bad and soon afterwards he followed with some photos and video and also reported that the neighbor next to him had lost the back half of their house.  We were stunned.  That tiny little 2-foot creek behind our house had become a 50 foot wide river and it had completely changed course, knocking out sections of the road, sewer, water and electricity and flooding homes upstream.  The two neighbors who were in their homes at the time were told to evacuate over Trail Ridge Road (Highways 34 and 36 from Loveland and Boulder were too damaged) and expect not to return for at least 8 weeks.  (It turned out to be 7, thanks to amazing effort by the Town of Estes Park).

The Town of Estes did a great job of communicating on Facebook

The Town of Estes did a great job of communicating on Facebook

The Town of Estes Park Facebook Page started posting lots of information and updates, EP News and Trail Gazette FB pages became more active, and even the Upper Thompson Sanitation District (sewer) was instructed to get a Facebook Page up.  (If you look at their Facebook Page, you can see it was instituted on September 13th, 2013… very poignant.)  Someone in the marketing or public relations department in the Town of Estes Park should get an award of some kind for the impressive way they keep information flowing (and still do).

As of this writing, the sewer line repair is complete, water has been turned back on and we are out of the “No Flush Zone”!  Our wonderful housekeeper, a neighbor and our stellar real estate agent have all been in the house and all report they couldn’t see any damage.  We started hearing early on that our lower level had not been breached, but with that much soggy ground we were a little concerned about the foundation and are greatly relieved to hear it appears to be okay.

The photos below were taken by friends who were there at the time of the flood or have been there since.  We will return to the house ourselves to celebrate parents’ significant birthdays (80 and 85!!) and Thanksgiving, which will be heartfelt this year.  Considering how much damage was sustained in the area, we are truly grateful the house appears to be fine.

A Week with the Fam

We finally got to spend a week in the finished house without a long to-do list!  Heavenly.  The mornings were in the upper 60’s, days in the mid-70’s and the evenings were glorious.  Sitting on the deck and watching the sunsets was all the entertainment I needed, but we did get some walks, hikes, fishing and bike rides in, along with some reading.  And of course since we all love cooking, we had some marvelous dining adventures, all at home. 🙂  Lauren’s chicken/mint/onion kebabs were to die for, as was Mark’s pork with smoked paprika pork on the grill.  Katharine had brought blackberries and made one of her fabulous cobblers, which we had for breakfast and dessert the rest of the week.  We had brought along our last CSA share of veggies from Elderslie Farm, and some eggplant from our garden, so we were set!

A special treat was the visit on Saturday from old friends from Wichita who now live in Colorado Springs.  Cary and Susan picked up their daughter, Kiley, who lives in Boulder, and came up for a hike near Lily Lake and a nice long lunch on the deck.